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Summer Course Schedule:
ONE DAY WORKSHOPS . Come to 1 or both
June16      830-1130AM12-3PM

CAMP COURSES:       830-1130AM                         12-3PM
July  9-12            DRAWING/PAINTING 1 POTTERY 1

July 16-19         FAIRIES/FOLKLORE            ART GRAB BAG

July 23-26         DRAWING/PAINTING 2          POTTERY 2

**Children may sign up for both morning and afternoon courses, and bring a lunch.(no nuts please) Extended stay/early drop-off  is available.  
COURSE PRICES: $100 for 1 course, $160 for 2 courses
Can't do a full course?  PAY BY THE DAY!
$25 per half day, $40 for whole day!
CAMP TOTAL (workshops not included)!

$25/workshop.  Sign up for 2,
or bring a friend/relative and save! 2 or more workshops/friends/relatives: $20 each!

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Thousand Cranes Studio
Art Grab Bag
Ages 5-15 July 16-19    12-3PM
Here's a great chance to try some of our studio's favorite activities.  This course will include drawing, painting, clay, origami, and plenty of free choice time, so kids can create their own projects, whether in fine arts, or in the exploration of traditional world crafts. A great overview of the best of what our studio has to offer!

Ages 5-15  July30-  Aug 2     12-3PM

Take part in some fascinating, hands-on magical experiments, while learning valuable science skills.  Lots of great experiments: owl pellets, rocketry, crystals, and some good, slimy fun.  Come learn about chemistry, physics and life science.  It looks like magic, but it's Science!
We have two courses per week, and students can sign up for one or both.  There is a lunch break from 1130-12.  Please bring a nut-free lunch, if you stay all day.  We provide snack  half-way through each session.  Early drop-off and extended stay are available.
ONE DAY WORKSHOPS . Come to 1 or both
June16      830-1130AM12-3PM

CAMP COURSES:     830-1130AM                    12-3PM
July 9-12      DRAWING/PAINTING 1       POTTERY/SCULPT. 1  
July 16-19      FAIRIES/FOLKLORE              Art Grab Bag

July 23-26   DRAWING/PAINTING 2           POTTERY/SCULPT. 2

Fairy and Folklore Camp
For boys and girls ages 5-15
July 16-19  830-1130AM
Enter the magical world of flower fairies, woodland elves and other tiny folk!  We will have lots of miniature art and nature crafts, including fairy or elf houses, clay projects, fairy/elf figures, mini books, folklore stories and games.  Come be part of the magic!
Drawing/Painting Ages 5-15
Session 1:   July 9-12       830-1130AM
Session 2:   July 23-26       830-1130AM 

  Each session is different, and you do not need to take Session 1 in order to take Session 2. Choose any one or both!

Whether you like Anime or animals, this course is for you!  Take any session, or both.  We'll teach you to draw and paint better, using special techniques.  You'll improve your linework, shading and composition, using pencil, pastels, acrylics, watercolors and oils.  We present lessons, but there is plenty of time to choose your own projects, too.  You will take home several projects, matted and ready to hang!
Pottery/Sculpture Ages 5-15
Session 1:  July 9-12  12-3PM
Session 2: July 23-26   12-3PM
(Session 1 is not required, to attend Session 2)

Come get your hands dirty, making pots and sculptures in clay, paper mache, polymer clay, and other great 3D art materials.  The possibilities are endless!  One of our most popular courses--sign up early!
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Thousand Cranes Studio
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About us....
Stan Coly, MS, Ed
Sheila Coly, BFA, Post Bacc Ed

We have over 40 years combined teaching experience and share a love for teaching children about art, science, math, world cultures and languages.  Between us, we speak 12 languages, which we incorporate in our teaching.  We have a strong belief that art should be accessible to everyone, which is why it is our studio's mission to bring an appreciation for fine arts, world crafts and world cultures to as many people in our community as possible.
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Thousand Cranes Studio
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Saturday, June16
AM Workshop 830-1130
PM Workshop 12-3PM
Ages 5-15
As we often do during school vacations, we are offering two 3-hour art workshops, where students can try an overview of what we do at our studio: drawing, painting, clay, and who knows??  It's a balance of structured instruction and individual exploration of materials.  Each workshop is different, and students can sign up for one both.  If you come for a whole day, please bring a lunch (no nut products please).