About Us...
Thousand Cranes Studio

Sheila Coly, B.F.A., B.S. Ed.
Stan Coly, M. Ed.
"I am a local artist with 25 years teaching experience, both as a bilingual teacher and art instructor.  I have worked with adults, and children of all ages from many backgrounds, including local schoolchildren, children from the former Soviet Union, and children of the Children's Study Home, an alternative school for behaviorally challenged children and adolescents.
  I love to teach fine arts, traditional world crafts, and world languages.  Together, Stan and I speak 12 languages, which we use in our teaching of art and culture.
  At our studio, children will develop more than artistic skills.  We hope they will gain a greater confidence which comes from discovering new abilities within."
"I came to Springfield in 1999, from Senegal, West Africa, and I've been working since then as a teacher of Math and Science.  Prior to that, I worked in international camp programs for children in the United States and Africa, including programs through the YMCA of West Africa.   In addition, I have a great passion for traditional arts and stories, which I share in storytelling events, as well as at Thousand Cranes Studio.  I have a strong belief that art should be accessible to everyone, which is why it is our studio's mission to bring an appreciation for fine arts, world crafts and world cultures to as many people in our community as possible."
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